Friday, October 28, 2011

Teething Bling Necklace Review/Giveaway!

Hey guys it's time for another review/giveaway! This is for the Teething bling necklace. It's made by a company called Smart mom. They are a wonderful company and they make wonderful products. Do you have a baby that is teething? I do, and I know that babies love to put things in there mouths when they're teething, especially moms necklace! This necklace was made for exactly that. Babies who are teething and love to put things in there mouths. The pendant on the necklace is sort of shaped like a doughnut. It's made of a rubbery type material that is the same kind of material on teething toys. the size of the pendant is perfect for little hands and mouths and there is no worry baby can swallow and choke. The baby can in now way fit this entire pendant in there mouth. It's such a pretty, beautifully made necklace that can either be worn with some jeans or to church. It can be dressed up or dressed down. And if you breastfeed like I do, it gives baby something to fiddle with when nursing. Jack loves this necklace and so do I. I am so glad I found this company. It's def been a life savor. This necklace by the way is so durable and has a thick black rope for the chain and a very neat clasp that holds strongly so that no matter how hard baby yanks and pulls, it's not gonna go anywhere. Now as for safety concerns, there are none for this necklace. Of course you should always supervise baby when chewing on it and it should never be given to baby to play with on his/her own. there products are made from Silicone and is phthalate FREE and lead FREE and are non toxic. They are also dishwasher safe and federally approved! What a wonderful product, Right? I plan on buying some in different colors so I can have one to match every outfit I own! These are pretty inexpensive and they ship it out to you very fast. If you can't wait to see if you win this contest and you want one of these right away, Feel free to check them out at.....

The winner of the giveaway will be shipped a necklace of there color choice. Make sure to fill out the Rafflecopter form completely to sign up. Contest ends November 11th. 2011. Open to everyone Everywhere!!