Monday, November 14, 2011

Swircles Cloth Diaper Review/giveaway!

I had the wonderful opportunity to review a wonderful company headed by a woman named Shalina. The company's name is Swircles. They not only have cloth diapers and accessories but they have a website and Facebook page also dedicated to new and used baby products all the way from crib's to blankets and clothing. For the links to these pages please see below. She sent me over a AIO cloth diaper, a cloth diaper cover and a contoured cloth diaper as well. She also sent me over 2 sets of cloth reusable breast pads. One set being made out of PUL material which helps prevents leaks. The same kind of material used in a wide variety of cloth diapers. I have worn these breast pads and I love both pairs. They are made out of a super soft material which is very nice for sore nipples. I wore a set for an entire day and did not have any leak issues like I have had with the disposable kind. I have used many different brands of disposable breast pads and I have such a strong letdown that I have leak issues. That was totally not the case with Swircles AWESOME breast pads. They fit nicely into my nursing bra cup and i did not have an issue with any of the pad hanging out through the top. Shalina makes all of the breast pads and cloth diapering products herself, which I must say I am quite impressed! How just one woman can make so many products on her own and sew them all with out any errors is beyond me. She is a wonderful sewer in my opinion! Ha Ha! Anyways, now onto the cloth diapers. Jack has worn all of what she sent me and Ill post what I was sent below in pictures. Jack didn't have any leak issues either with the cloth diapers. They fit him well. He is 15 pounds and he was sent over a size small and it all fit him with ease. I love how they had the Velcro for easy attachment and easy one handed removal. The contoured diaper is the part that soaks up the wetness and it soaked up a lot i must say. You have to make sure to use pins with it as you would with any cloth diaper whether it be a pre-fold or a contour. If you are new to cloth diapering and you have no idea what I am talking about, please feel free to ask me any questions and I will answer them all to the best of my knowledge. You can also ask any questions to Swircles website as well as on there Facebook page. The Facebook page is full of knowledgeable mommas.  

To visit there Facebook page please go to Or there website at
Swircles offers unbeatable prices for there products. I dont know of anywhere else where you can get these prices on such great products. Heres some of there prices below.

Cotton Nursing Pads Are Only $1
PUL Nursing Pads Are Only $3
Nursing Covers Are Only $15

Standard Prefolds Are Only $2.49
Designer Prefolds Are Only $3.49
Contour Diapers Are Only $5.49
Fitted Diapers Are Only $7.49
AIO Cloth Diapers Are Only $9.49

Diaper Wraps Are Only $5.99
The Perfect Waterproof Cover for your cloth diaper!

The Pictures Below is The Products I was Sent To review....
Polka Dot is All 100% Cotton Nursing Pads The Other Set Is the PUL Nursing Pads 

This is The Contour Cloth Diaper

This is The AIO Cloth Diaper To Be Used With the Contour Or Diaper liners(not shown)

This is the Diaper Cover to be used over the Contour or Pre-Fold or whatever choice you may use for the cloth diaper portion.

The winner of this giveaway will receive a $25.00 gift card to THAT'S AWESOME! To win the Gift Card Please fill out the Rafflecopter form below and also check out there Facebook page and Website. Open to U.S Residents Only. Thanks and HAVE FUN!


  1. I like because they are budget friendly and cute.

  2. I love the diaper wraps - love the number 14 colour/pattern!

  3. I love all the patterns and colors available!