Friday, November 11, 2011

Tommee Tippee Nursing Cover Review/Giveaway!

Yes! I am reviewing yet another wonderful product from Tommee Tippee. Its for there wonderful nursing cover. They sent me the Black one to try out and I absolutely LOVE it! They have three designs available. The one I have is Black with really neat designs on it in white. It has an adjustable neck strap to make for an easy fit. Also has a wire up by the neck line so adjust to curve out so you can look down at your baby to make sure the latch is correct or just to have you baby gaze at you. As Jack likes to look at my face and into my eyes when nursing. This wrap provides such a discreet nursing experience for when you have company or are out and about in public. I personally don't have enough courage to whip the girls out when i am in public and that's why I love this cover. I have tried covering up with blankets and I have also tried the nursing tank tops under my regular shirts and that still doesn't provide enough privacy. I have had an incident where Jack Grabbed the blanket and pulled it down right in the doctors office waiting room and all the people there seen the girls. I was so very embarrassed and my face turned beat red. I wish I did have enough courage to breastfeed in public with out getting shy and embarrassed but I do, but a baby's gotta eat and this allows me to nurse with confidence. There is a strip of terry cloth lining on the inside of the nursing cover to help wipe baby's dribbles or wipe your breast if a mess occurs. This Cover is very breathable so now one is going to suffocate or get too hot. Which would come in handy in the summer. These nursing covers have a generous amount of fabric to make sure that any size, shape woman has enough coverage. That Concludes my review for this product. I am so happy with this nursing cover and I plan to use it until he is done nursing. You can find these at Babies-R-Us or online at


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  1. I love all the different patterns you can get it in. They're all so pretty!

  2. I love that this cover is breathable. The one I have no is so hot!

  3. I love the patterns & that it has the terry cloth inside!