Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No Throw Pacifier and Bottle/Sippy Cup Tethers (CLOSED)

Hey Guys, I am back with another awesome review/Giveaway. Its for the No Throw Pacifier and Bottle/Sippy Cup Tethers. I received this today via U.S.P.S and I am already doing the review because I love these that much I couldn't wait any longer to tell you all about it! My son Jack has been my Guinea Pig today with testing these things out and hes been a BIG helper. Ha Ha! Jack likes to spit his pacifier out and sometimes it falls on to the floor, the worst part is, is that he always tends to do this in a public place, where they have dirty, nasty floors. So Having this tether on him is saving me a lot of time and energy by not having to use the pacifier wipes on them every two seconds. More importantly, no more lost Pacifiers, That means i don't have to spend more time searching for his favorite, because YES he is a picky one and only takes a certain kind of pacifier. Twin Beginnings is the name of this company that sent me this wonderful product to review, they also sent me a bottle/sippy cup tether to review as well. While Jack is only breastfeeding, I don't have a bottle for him to throw but i will soon as he will be starting juice in about a month. Me being a mommy to 4, I know how babies and children get with there sippy cups and bottles, they like to throw them across the room, they must find it amusing! Now this will be amusing to me the next time one of my kids decides to throw there cup, its not gonna go anywhere and I can have the last laugh! Ha Ha! I will be making a YouTube video to show you all how these tethers work and speak a little bit further about the product. A Little background on the company and how the came to be who they are today. Twin beginnings was founded by two twin sisters named Karla and Karen who were living in the Chicago area and both had children. Karla and her family decided to move to Detroit, Mi. The sisters being as close as they were decided to take trips back and forth to see each other and visit with one another. After an embarrassing moment during a flight that her son had caused by throwing his sippy cup, the two sisters thought it was about time they sat down and did something about this. That is when they came up with these wonderful tethers we have come to know today. Thanks to the two sisters, moms all over the world can enjoy having the last laugh when there children decide to try and throw there sippy cup, bottle, or pacifier across the room and it doesn't go ANYWHERE! Also, id like to mention that these tethers are great quality, they are def not made cheaply. These are not the same kind you would find at a Wall-mart that have the plastic clips. Ive used the kind with the plastic clips and they either break and fall apart or they are easily pulled off the children's clothing. These do an exceptional job at staying where they are suppose to and not falling apart. I could see one of these tethers being passed down to several kids before losing there integrity. That concludes my review for the No Throw Tethers. Now I will be doing a giveaway for this product where the lucky winner will receive a pacifier tether and a bottle/sippy cup tether. What an awesome giveaway, right? The contest ends in 2 weeks on October 25th. 2011 @ 10:00am CST.  In order to enter into the contest you need to Go Like them on Facebook and leave a comment below my YouTube video of this review saying "Enter Me" Also, Make sure to leave a comment on there Facebook page saying "Thank you for sponsoring MommyTo4Boys Review/Giveaway." That's all you need to do to enter!! If you would like an extra entry into this contest then you need to leave a comment below here on my blog saying your YouTube name and that this is your second entry.

To "like" them on Facebook please click on this link here http://www.facebook.com/twinbeginnings

To follow them on Twitter please click on this link http://twitter.com/#!/nothrow_baby

To Purchase One Of These Wonderful No Throw Tethers Please Go To There Website here http://www.nothrow.com/

You Can Also Purchase these at Walgreen's and Rite Aid and online at CVS Pharmacy!


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