Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Bottle Review/Giveaway!! (closed)

Hey Guys, I am back with another GREAT Review/Giveaway! It is for the Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Bottle. The Nature is referring to "breastfeeding" as breastfeeding is Natural and what god intended us to do as mothers. But some of us may not be able to breast feed or we supplement with formula or pump because baby just wont simply latch on to our breasts correctly. Or you simply just want a bottle for your baby to give pumped milk so Daddy and baby can bond together. What ever the reason for giving a bottle may be, these bottle are simply wonderful and PERFECT! When I say perfect, I mean it. Just to test out how the nipple is shaped, I let my son breastfeed on me for a couple minutes then I pulled him off the breast and I looked down at my breast and held the bottle up next to it, and to my surprise, they were pretty much shaped the same exact way!! With an exception given that there is no bumps on the bottle nipple like there is on the average nipple. Enough talk about my own breast. Now that I tested the shape out to see how that worked. I pumped a little breast milk and put it in the bottle for Jack to eat. HE LOVED IT!! My son hates bottles because he is just so use to my breast. Well that's not the case anymore as he actually ate out of this bottle. Imagine that!! I cant get over how sturdy this bottle is as well. Its made of a high quality plastic material and its BPA and Phthalate FREE! No harmful chemicals what so ever were used in the making of this bottle. Did I mention yet that the nipple is made of non latex material? Its a silicone nipple instead. Which seems to be the trend these days amongst nipples. Its becoming harder and harder to find latex nipples only because of allergy reasons. This bottle has an Anti-Colic valve on the nipple to let air out so baby wont get gassy when using this bottle, so its even more like the breast. The valve also prevents the nipple from collapsing which also means no leaky bottles!! The Tommee Tippee bottle design makes for a comfortable hold for you and baby, its contoured in a way that fits hands perfectly. Tommee Tippee has a line of nipples to go with these bottles that allow for a change in flow as the baby gets older and demands more milk per swallow. This bottle allows for the same stretch and flex as a breast does. Bottles are dishwasher safe on top rack only. Easy to clean wide mouth bottle so you don't always have to use a bottle brush to clean it. This wonderfully designed bottle makes for easy transition between bottle and breast! I absolutely adore this bottle and I really want a million of these things. But as I am a mostly breastfeeding mom, I rarely ever use bottles. This bottle makes me want to bottle feed more often. Ha Ha Ha! The Tommee Tippee Team just recently launched a brand new web application: the innovative free digital storybook The Day Baby Was Born™,  a simple way to capture moments of pregnancy and the birth day through the gathering of Facebook posts, a selection of birthday news and facts and the collection of precious memories through a pregnancy journal. So feel free to spread the word to any pregnant friends or family members. Go To there website to see What I'm talking about. Its a great web application. I wish I was pregnant again just so I could use this application. 

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The Winner will receive One Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature 5oz. Bottle!!

In Order To Enter You Must Enter On My YouTube and make a comment on the YouTube video saying "enter Me" For a second entry you can make a comment here on my blog below this review saying "enter me for a 2nd time" and then tell me your YouTube name so I know who is entering in twice. If you don't say your YouTube name I cannot enter you into the contest twice. Also you must go like Tommee Tippee On Facebook as well and make sure to comment on there page saying "Thanks you for sponsoring mommyto4boys review/giveaway". Please do these requirements in order for your entry to be valid. Thanks and I hope you enjoy this one as much as I have! Review/Giveaway ends at 10:00 am CST on October 27th. 2011. 

***The Views and opinions expressed in this review are true and are my own. I was not paid to make this review. They sent my this product for free only to review, I was not reimbursed what so ever.***


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