Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vitamins Baby Blanket Buddy Review/Giveaway!! (closed)

YES!! I am back with yet another review/giveaway. I can't help myself, I see a great product and I want to review it right away. I am now reviewing a Baby Blanket Buddy. I got it yesterday and my son Jack loves it. He has cuddled with it and played with it and even CHEWED on it. Ha Ha! He just adores it and you can tell, as its very obvious. Ill include the pictures of him with it below. I have already washed this before giving it to him and I will tell you this Blanket Buddy washes up very nicely!! It is so soft and supple it makes ME want to play and cuddle with it. I love how it is made of true blanket material and has some character to it. The one they sent Jack is a puppy, which I just AWED at as soon as I opened the package!! These blankets buddies are not like the kind you find at a Wall-mart, these are made more to be a child's buddy for bed and play for a long time. I can really see my son carrying this with him every where as he grows older. Over all this product is wonderful and I cant get over how soft and cute this is!! Please check out there huge line of products on there website at

The winner will win a 2piece baby blanket buddy of there choice for either a girl or a boy!
Contest ends October  27th. 2011 at 10:00am CST

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    BTW baby Jack looks so adorable in the pictures :)

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