Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bella Materna Review/Giveaway! BIG GIVEAWAY!!

I got the wonderful opportunity to review a Nursing and Maternity Lingerie Company called Bella Materna, this company was founded by fellow moms who have nursed there babies just like we have. They have a huge line of nursing bras and "Tanga's" (panties). They have some very basic bras and some very sexy and stylish bras. I got to review the "Sexy T-Shirt bra" and matching tanga in Black. I got a small Tanga and a size 34 C Nursing bra. These bras can change back into a regular bra for when you are all done nursing. I am a mom to 4 boys and I don't feel all that sexy these days. Some days I am lucky if I get a chance to shave my legs and do my hair. Ha Ha! But seriously since receiving this bra and tanga set I feel prettier and sexier. It's hard to find a Nursing bra that's sexy, usually you find nursing bras with big and bulky thick straps and high rise cups that are so uncomfortable. Not Bella Materna. The bra I have has under wire that was approved by a lactation consultant and it's slightly padded. This bra brings my boobs to where they are supposed to be. It lifts and reshapes the way a woman would want her breasts to look and feel. The under wire does not cut into me what so ever and is incredibly comfy. My husband would like me to tell you all that he loves this bra and tanga set and he says it is the sexiest, prettiest nursing bra he's ever seen me wear. Ha ha!! I have a picture below of me wearing the bra, so please, don't mind the stretch marks, but I wanted to keep this realistic. I just had a baby In July so me showing you how well this Bella Materna set fits should tell you how great this lingerie is! The winner will receive any bra and Tanga of your choice, no price limit!! How freaking awesome is that?? Make sure to Thank Anne From Bellamaterna who is one of the founders for this awesome giveaway!! She has been so kind and very helpful with everything. Fast shipping and wonderful customer service!! I am so satisfied with Bella Materna. This is the place I shall go for all my lingerie needs! I highly recommend this Lingerie line to everyone, nursing, pregnant and non nursing and non pregnant woman. Did I say great prices? YES! I find the prices pretty easy on my pocket book! Also wanted to state that they have a wide variety of sizes, these will fit big woman and small woman and every one in between. Please fill out the rafflecopter form below for your chance to win your Bella Materna Set of YOUR CHOICE!!!!

Please go to and Tell me below in the rafflecopter form which set you would like if you won this giveaway. Thanks and enjoy, HAVE FUN!!


  1. Peacock Lace Tanga
    Style: 1411


  2. I would get the Black T Shirt Nursing bra in a full cup

  3. love love the Lace Trim Seamless Full Cup

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  4. I would love the Sexy T-Shirt Nursing Bra

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