Thursday, November 24, 2011

Classy Minerals Review

Today I am reviewing a wonderful MakeUp line called Classy Minerals. It's all natural mineral makeup with out scents and additives like a lot of other name brand, major makeup lines have. This makeup is all loose mineral makeup. I had the opportunity to review a few items. I got to try the "French green clay mask" below you'll find the picture of me trying it out. I love the clay mask, I used it and it did not burn like some other masks I have used. When I rinsed this off my face, my face felt smooth and clean and I felt like I had a new face. This stuff made my skin feel awesome!! I also got to try out there eye shadows, see picture below for which ones I used. This eyes shadow went on very smooth, and even after wearing it for an entire day, it still didn't clump up in my eyelid crease like every single other eye shadow I have used. The colors are bright and sparkly and the makeup made me feel so pretty, which is a feeling I just don't get about myself these days. I felt like a new mommy! I also got to try the "no more pores foundation primer" I rubbed this on my face before I applied any other makeup and it feels kinda like a liquid powder type substance. It made my skin feel smooth and helped fill in creases and dents I had from acne scarring and made way for a smooth foundation application. This stuff lasted all day long and did not require any reapplications. If you continue to use this makeup it will actually improve the health of your skin by reducing blemishes, redness, and acne. This makeup is hypoallergenic and in no way will it cause acne. I have used it for a week and a half now and have had absolutely no problems. I also got to try there blush, I loved it as well. The color was called "pink carnation". This also went on smooth and lasted all day long. Classy Minerals also sent me over another product called "eye liner sealant" you put this on over your eyeliner so it doesn't smudge or fade as the day goes on. I used it and even rubbed my eyes a couple times and my eye liner still didn't come off. Classy Minerals has awesome prices I've never seen any where else. This makeup is twenty times better then Cover girl or maybeline or any other major makeup line and the cost is cheaper. That's totally awesome, I am absolutely in love with this makeup company and plan on buying all my makeup through them from now on.

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