Monday, January 30, 2012

Smart Klean Laundry Ball Review/Giveaway!

Today I am bringing you a review and Giveaway for a wonderful product called The Smart Klean Laundry Ball. It does not contain any chemicals, detergents, Fragrances! This uses 4 types of Ceramic pellets that are designed to help the water effectively clean your dirty laundry. Now before you go and ask, Ill answer this for ya...This ball works great on cloth diaper laundry!! Already tried it out and tested it on Jack's AIO Diapers and pre-folds! One Smart Klean laundry ball can wash a years worth of laundry before you'll need to replace it with a new one on the basis of 18 pounds of laundry washed per day. Now I don't know about you, but even though I have a very large family, I don not wash 18 pounds a day. When I got this ball in the mail, I thought "there is no way this ball is going to wash my laundry as well as soaps!" Well......IT DID!! The only difference is that its not scented. Which is fine by me. This ball is wonderful on the environment and will not cause any negative affect on septic systems like soaps would. I still use drier sheets when I use this ball, cuz i feel the need to have my laundry smelling fresh and clean! This ball recommends that you use it in a load that's not too overloaded to promote thorough cleaning. I used this ball on my husbands greasy smelly work clothes and It worked beautifully! I cannot complain and I will say this....I AM HOOKED! Think about how much money you will save also by using this ball? I did the math for my household and Ive estimated my household to save over $900.00 a year on laundry detergent! Who doesn't want that? I also wanted to add that this ball also gets rid of germs, thats awesome especially for cloth diapers!! To find out more or to purchase your own ball(s) please visit their website below... 

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