Friday, August 3, 2012

Tommee Tippee Explora Sippy Cup Set Review and Giveaway!

Hey guys! It's been a while since I’ve posted a review/giveaway. I’ve been away dealing with family issues. But I am proud to announce I’ll be doing them again, every so often. So to start off doing them once again, I am reviewing and giving away a Sippy cup set from Tommee Tippee! Tommee Tippee has allowed me to review a few of their other products in the past and each of them I have loved and adored. Well, here is another one of their spectacular products to add to the list. Tommee Tippee sent me over a Sippy Cup set they call........... As soon as i received it, i had to hurry up and wash them and give them a try. They sent me over the boy set, one having a cute Rocket ship on one, and the other cup had a Dinosaur on it, super adorable for boys. Each cup holds 11oz, has grips for easy holding, and has a cap that fold’s over to cover up the spout to keep it germ and dirt free. Since Jack is still new to Sippy cups and depending on his mood, he may or may not drink from it. But I will say he did not hesitate in the least to drink from this cup. The spout is soft and rubbery feeling, but not the usual rubbery kind you find at Wal-Mart, i.e...evenflo, Gerber, etc...This kind of rubber will not break off if baby bites down with his/her teeth. Completely safe, containing no BPA or Phalates. I was able to give these cups to Jack(13 months old now) and feel at ease knowing they are completely safe and leak proof. I even gave the cup a try and sucked on it to see if I had to suck super hard to get the fluid to flow. Surprisingly, unlike most other cups, I did not have to suck my brains out to get a drink, yet they were completely leak proof at the same time! Jack shook and rattled the cup and the leak proof piece inside the spout did not come loose either and start spilling sticky fluids all over my carpets and tables. So Jack was able to shake to his heart’s content. So far, me being a mother of soon to be 5 kids, this seriously has to be my most favorite Sippy cup thus far. Other brands have a lot to make up for to even begin to compare to the Tommee Tippee Sippy Cup line. If any of you are interested in purchasing a cup set of your own, they have many different kinds, with many different designs for any age of baby and toddler. To see what Tommee Tippee has to offer check out their website at You can also find their wonderful products at any fine retailers such as Babies-R-Us, or Target! Also, if you would like to win your own Sippy cup set just like the ones I was lucky to review, in either a Girl or Boy set, please follow the directions below to get started. Giveaway ends on August 10th. 2012. Must be 18 years or older to enter and be a U.S Resident. That’s it...Simple right? Good Luck Blog Readers and Thank you for checking out this wonderful review/giveaway! All opinions are of my own. I was not paid to write this review. I was given the above products(s) for reviewing purposes only, by the above company.
Please comment below on what you liked most about these cups and why you would like to win a set in either Girl or Boy. Also must be a blog follower to enter. Thank you and enjoy!


  1. They are pretty, do want. Please I can has boy set?

    (this is my fifth attempt at entering!)

  2. What I like most about these cups is that they are the only ones my daughter will take!!! Also we never have any issues with leaks! If I won I would choose girly cups!

  3. I love the soft spout and spout cover. If I won I would love the boy cups!:)